Fossil hunting for amateurs

Here's a very small selection from my fossil cabinets, some collected in the UK (the Jurassic Coast in Dorset, Norfolk, and the Isle of Wight), and some bought. It gives a good idea of popular specimens for beginners, including common species from Morocco, Madagascar and the USA. Most of the species identification is my own, so there's probably a few naming errors. Oh, and if you get offered some too-cheap-to-be-true Moroccan trilobites, they're probably fakes!


Asteroceras obtusum

Dactylioceras commune

Crucilobiceras densinodulum

Ammonite slices and a pterosaur tooth

Cleoniceras cleon

Parkinsonia dorsetensis

Siroccopteryx moroccensis


Paralejurus hamlagdadicus

Hollardops mesocristata

Reedops cephalotes

Trilobite and dinosaurs

Drotops megalomanicus

Iguanadon bernissartensis bone

Spinosaurus aegyptiacus tooth

Belemnites and a mosasaur tooth

Passaloteuthis elongata

Belemnitella mucronata

Liodon anceps tooth

Shark teeth

Squalicorax pristodontus

Carcharoles megalodon

Cretolamna appendiculata

Odontaspis winkleri